Dharamsaal is a discussion group for Sikh youth designed around the original discussions that Guru Nanak Dev Jee had on his pilgrimages. He ministered by using logic and discussion to teach others about the true path.

Taking that inspiration, Khalis Foundation has developed a curriculum based on the Modern Socratic Method to inspire learning through questioning.


The Modern Socratic method is a process of inductive questioning used to successfully lead a person to knowledge through small steps--a practice that Guru Nanak Dev Jee mastered. This knowledge can be specific data, training in approaches to problem solving, or leading one to embrace a specific belief.

The type of knowledge is not as important as the fact that, with the Modern Socratic method, the knowledge gained is specifically anticipated by the Socratic questioner. This stands in contrast to the Classic Socratic method in which the actual outcomes are unknown by all parties.

The Dharamsaal site also shares presentations and talks from Sikh camps, conferences, and lectures around the world.